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I [Heart] Plants! New Bench Card Signs Available
Share the many benefits of trees and plants with DIY bench card signage from Ball, AIB.


WEST CHICAGO, IL - Flowers and plants are more than "just pretty" As research is completed and the findings are made public,today's consumers realize the many ways living plants can benefit their lives. To help build plant value, and acclaim the advantages of gardening, Ball Horticultural Company and America in Bloom® have collaborated to print some of these benefits on handy bench card signs. They are available for download at ballhort.com/benchcards.

It's easy to show the love: Retailers can reveal interesting plant facts with their customers, such as:
- Rooms that contain plants are cleaner (50-60% fewer airborne molds);
- Plants in the office mean fewer sick days (14% reduction in sick days);
- Plants help people focus and concentrate (20% increase in memory retention); and
- A tree in the yard saves money (8-12% reduction in heating and cooling costs).
All of these powerful messages and more are available now as free, downloadable bench cards to use throughout your garden center!

"As you prepare your store for spring, be sure to print out plenty of these bench cards to display in and around all of your plant departments,"says Bill Calkins, Retail Business Manager for Ball. "They not only add value to the products you sell but also help educate today's consumers about the true benefits of flowers and plants."


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