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ACHILLEA YARROW    millefolium     (Gallons)
MOONSHINE image MOONSHINE (h) 24 inches. Achillea Moonshine is an upright canary-yellow flower that blooms from June through September. With evergreen foliage in mild winter regions, this non-spreading Achillea is a definite winner. Moonshine Yarrow is unlike the common Yarrow, being shorter in height and less invasive. The flower heads are 4 inches wide, with a spread of 18-24 inches and a height of 24 inches. Moonshine Yarrow is a great addition to a sunny perennial border, planted in pots or combined with ornamental grasses.
PAPRIKA image PAPRIKA (h)18-24 inches. Achillea Paprika is an upright scarlet red flower with yellow center aging to a coppery red that blooms from June through September. Unlike many forms of yarrow, the brightly colored flowers of this one age attractively and form dense, flattened heads all summer long. Paprika is a great addition to a sunny perennial border, planted in pots or combined with ornamental grasses.
ACHILLEA YARROW     millefolium     (Perennials)
SUMMER PASTELS image SUMMER PASTELS (h) 18-24 inches. All American Selection winner. Blooms mid summer to autumn. Heat and drought tolerant variety produces lavender, purple, white, apricot, cream, rose and pink flowers over fernlike, dark green foliage.
AEONIUM    Hybrids    (Succulents)
Zwartkop image Zwartkop (h) 12-24 inches. Long, elegant, caramel colored stems hold large rosettes of black leaves. These plants are often looked at as the daisies of the succulent garden. The black foliage has a brilliant contrast against other gold leaved plants like Angelina Sedum. This low maintenance Aeonium works well in any landscape.
AEONIUM    Haworthii    (Succulents)
Pinwheel image Pinwheel (h) 8-16 inches. A rosette shaped succulent that is green with spoon-shaped leaves. In the spring, yellowish flower spikes emerge from the center of the rosette. Spacing: Plant 10″ to 18″ apart. Plant in sun or partial shade. Dont overwater. Overwatering can cause rot.
AFRICAN DAISY    osteospermum fruticosum     (G / Covers)
Passion Mix image Passion Mix h) 16-20 inches. The full, well branched plants have lavender, purple and white daisy-like flowers with blue centers, 2 to 2.5 inches across. In the garden they show off beautiful flowers and plants that are drought and semi cold tolerant once established. Compact, uniform and multiple branched. All American Selections Winner.
AGERATUM    Ageratum houstonianum     (Annuals)
Hawaii 5.0 Blue image Hawaii 5.0 Blue (h) 5-8 inches. Sun or Part Shade, Spring/Summer Annual. Heat tolerant and attractive to butterflies, Ageratum are perfect for bringing long lasting color and definition to summer containers and garden beds. Dainty, flossy blooms form mounds of soft color and tecture perfect for combining with trailing and spiky, upright annuals. Perfectly sized for rock gardens and border fronts. Superb for baskets, containers and window boxes. Wonderful for combination plantings.
AJUGA    Reptans    (G / Covers)
Mahogany image Mahogany
AJUGA    Reptans     (Premium 4")
BURGUNDY GLOW image BURGUNDY GLOW (h) 4-6 inches. Sun to part sun. Low, spreading ground cover quickly forms a dense mat with 2-3 inch oval to tongue shaped leaves. New growth leaves are burgundy, aging to white and dark pink. Lavender-blue flowers in 6 inch spikes in spring and early summer. Perennial
CATLINS GIANT image CATLINS GIANT (h) 4-6 inches. Sun to part sun. A hardy, low growing ground cover with vibrant blue flower spikes to 8 inches tall and held above extra large, bronze-green leaves. Perennial
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